Welcome, neighbor! You belong here.

We’re all about creating a foundation of opportunities for our neighbors. No matter who you are, what you need, or what you have to offer, you have a place here.

Federal Hill House (FHH) is a multi-service community-based organization that has been serving low-income, immigrant, and limited English speaking individuals and families in the City of Providence since 1887. We draw from and build upon the strengths of the people that come through ours doors. Whether you come to volunteer, access services, or join our programs, our hope is that everyone leaves FHH feeling fulfilled.


Today, FHH continues to evolve and serve 2,500 people per year through a continuum of opportunities and supports that cross the lifespan. We want EVERY generation to feel like they belong here. We are a neighborhood hub, offering access to education, opportunities and support that help our community reach their goals individually and collectively.


While most FHH participants reside in the Federal Hill, West End and Olneyville neighborhoods of Providence, our doors are open to everyone and many of our programs take place in satellite locations across the city.

We are diverse in every way and are proud of our ability to connect across culture, language, generations and more. No matter where you come from, or where you are in your life, you are welcome here.

We’re here when you need us. We’re a place where people can access what all of us need to thrive: support to help us be the best parents we can be; quality child care so we can work for a brighter future; education and enrichment opportunities for our children; positive role models and skill-building opportunities when we are teens; access to healthy food to eat; help with tax returns; opportunities for engagement when we are older; a place where we can connect with others.


Federal Hill House strengthens family and community life in Providence through education, opportunities, and support for our neighbors.

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