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Federal Hill House has opportunities for like-minded organizations to learn about our mission and work with us to achieve our collective goals in the community.

All of the work we do at Federal Hill House revolves around centering the needs of our neighbors and our mission to help them thrive, at every stage of life. We are looking to partner with like-minded companies, businesses, and organizations that are interested in taking the time and energy to learn about our programs and get to know the community we serve. When you partner with us, everyone benefits. We are able to increase our impact in the community; your company and leadership shows you that you care about your neighbors; and your employees will feel good about working for a company that is committed to making a difference.


What you get: 

Community recognition

We will ensure that the community knows that your organization has played a significant role in supporting the efforts of one of the oldest and most cherished social service organizations in Providence, Rhode Island, and the entire country. 

Good standing in the community

Fun facts! Did you know that Judge Frank Caprio’s mother leaned on Federal Hill House for support when she was pregnant with him during the Great Depression? Also, did you know that in 1985, when former tennis player John McEnroe was the top ranked player in the world, he auctioned off his signed racquet and donated the proceeds to FHH after an exhibition match in Providence? Federal Hill House is a very well-respected institution in Providence, and has been for a very long time. When your company decides to partner with Federal Hill House, you are becoming a part of a long and storied history of supporting residents of Federal Hill, Olneyville and the surrounding community.  

What your employees will get:

Opportunities to bond with their teammates while giving back to their community

We know that to be successful in the workplace, collaboration and chemistry can be what separates your team from your competition. You can have all the talent in the world, but if your team can’t work together, that talent won’t take you very far. 

Volunteering in your community is a fantastic way to create shared experiences that bring your team together, and bring them closer to the communities they live and work in as well. Studies have shown that corporate volunteer programs boost productivity, increase employee engagement, and improve hiring and retention. 

When organizations foster a culture of community engagement, they create a virtuous cycle that not only benefits the wider society but also enriches the workplace environment and the bottom line. The power of shared experiences, increased engagement, and improved hiring and retention becomes a testament to the transformative potential of volunteering within a corporate context.

What we expect:

A collaborative, mutually beneficial relationship:

Federal Hill House is happy to support the corporate social responsibility goals of your organization. We are also looking for partners that share a passion for our mission and our community as well. One-time volunteer days can be great, but consistent support through time commitments and financial donations is even better. Public support of our cause and our mission is great, but encouraging your employees to learn about our organization and the needs of our community is even better. Our goal is to offer: consistent and diverse volunteer opportunities across our programs, available for your team throughout the year; different ways for you and your team to support us through financial backing, in-kind donations, and holding drives for items and essentials that our families need; and chances for you to build good will with residents in Federal Hill, Olneyville, and Providence as a whole. We want to ensure that our partners have a deep understanding of the support our organization provides in the community, as well as a desire to help us help our neighbors thrive, at every stage of life.

If you would like to learn more about this opportunity, please contact Michele Matott at

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