Friends and Fun at FHH Fall Festival!

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This year’s Federal Hill House Fall Festival was a vibrant celebration of autumn joy and spooky and silly costumes. On a warmer than usual fall day, the playground behind our 9 Courtland Street location transformed into a hub of excitement, color, and laughter.

Children of all ages showed off their creative flair, transforming plain pumpkins into colorful art pieces. Participants also voted on our staff pumpkin painting contest, which was organized by our Early Learning Center. And of course, the squishy, gooey delight of slime making captured the fascination of little hands and curious minds. It’s always a hit!

Paola, one of our community health workers, is also a skilled face painter, as our attendees lined up to be transformed into butterflies, superheroes, and animals. The playground was a kaleidoscope of colors as face-painted smiles radiated pure joy.

Tables with treats were set up around the playground, ensuring everyone left with a satisfied grin. Excitement peaked as participants earned prizes through various activities, and every child left with prizes and a big ‘trick or treat’ bag, turning the Fall Festival into a treasure trove of happy memories.

Families embraced the Halloween spirit, arriving in an array of imaginative costumes.The playground transformed into a lively carnival of characters, highlighting the community’s creativity.

We’d like to give a big shout-out to our Family Support Team for orchestrating this wonderful event. Their planning skills and enthusiasm made the event a joyful experience for all who were involved.

And of course, a huge thank you to our amazing community for being part of this celebration. Check out some photos from the event below!


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